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We buy and scale 
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After personally witnessing many lucrative exits and seriously scaled apps,
I can safely say: 'BlueThrone' is the best news in the app world for devs with great apps

3. Seller delivers goods or service to buyer

"You can't make it alone,
no one can."

This dev's baby became a hit.

Millions came to adore his app. But things started to seriously fall apart when he hit the 50k MRR and 3 million downloads mark.

That's what happens when an app is not your baby anymore and needs to mature into a company.

See how he shattered the growth ceiling, earned back his life, and unlocked the growth, fortune and glory his app deserved.

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Steve Young
App Masters
Official BlueThrone Advisor 

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Why Do App Developers Call New-Kid-On-The-Mobile-Block Bluethrone an 'Exit Factory'?

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BlueThrone's Innovative Partnership Model About to Receive a Massive
$85 Million Credit Line

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Why Do Developers Sell Mobile Apps And Liquidate Digital Assets?

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Did App Devs' Hope Of a Dream Exit Just Come True With This Aggregator?

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First World’s App-aggregator Bluethrone Raises $6.5M in Seed from XT Hi-Tech

This is BlueThrone

We are a team of 35 individuals comprised of  professionals in finance, marketing, infrastructure, data science, technology, and product development.

We're united around a single concept: taking extraordinary apps to the next level.

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Free App
Valuation Tool

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Use this Tool now to find out how much your app is worth

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After selling their first app


Total Worldwide

Our 30+ apps are divided within our portfolio and have been downloaded tens of millions of times.

* Average daily downloads worldwide according to Sensor Tower (estimate) 



  • Indie Heroes
    Tue, Nov 08
    Indie Heroes
    Nov 08, 2022, 8:00 AM
    Indie Heroes
    BlueThrone Co-founder Idan Waller will talk about proven strategies, growth, monetization, audience retention and more... Discover the secrets of carefully selected indie heroes, who built hidden app empires, adored by millions on the AppStore and GooglePlay
  • iOS Developers Global Summit'22
    Tue, Oct 11
    iOS Developers Global Summit'22
    Oct 11, 2022, 9:30 AM GMT+3 – Oct 12, 2022, 4:00 PM GMT+3
    iOS Developers Global Summit'22
    Pietro Messineo is a senior iOS developer at BlueThrone ready to share what challenges iOS experts face in their work. The topic of the presentation is "Securing iOS application with SSL pinning". Meet me at iOS Developers Global Summit'22
  • App Promotion Summit
    Thu, Sep 29
    Downtown San Francisco
    Sep 29, 2022, 8:00 AM
    Downtown San Francisco, W Hotel
    The subscription app market is growing and changing like never before … This September… We’re bringing together the subscription app growth community ❤️ Learn subscription app growth strategies and tactics directly from the top subscription app growth experts.
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Over $5 billion of transactions protected with
Group 15 (1).png is the world’s most secure payment method from a counterparty risk perspective - safeguarding both buyer and seller, all funds transacted using escrow are kept in trust.

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1. Buyer and Seller agree to terms

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2. Buyer submits payment to Escrow

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3. Seller delivers goods or service to buyer

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4. Buyer approves goods or services

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5. releases payment to seller

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