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Sell your app & make an EXIT on your digital asset, today!




How much is your

APP worth?

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You Have Big Goals, Inspiring Dreams, And A Lot Of Ambition

But you’ve probably realized that building a successful app business isn’t as easy as you’d like it to be…

  • Do you struggle to make significant cash flow every month?

  • Do you need more liquidity to support your ongoing costs?

  • Do you want to move forward to your next project and profit from your hard work?

  • Are you lost and confused when it comes to marketing?

  • Do you struggle in taking your app to the next level?

  • Are you too busy with other projects and don't have resources to maintain your app anymore?

  • Tired of managing all your apps and want to liquidate some of your assets?

  • Are you a professional developer that app marketing thoughts make your brain hurt?



We know exactly where you are. We understand your frustrations. We know where you’re stuck, and We know exactly how to help you move forward…

  • Over the past 4 years, we've been buying successful apps, in both AppStore and google play platforms.

  • We helped over 100 developers to liquidate their assets and focus on their passion - making more apps  

  • Most developers don't realize that even an app that makes less than 100$ per month is an asset that worth thousands of dollars

  • The investments we make by buying developer's apps help them to liquidate cash that otherwise they would have earn in 2-7 years! 

  • We believe that buying digital assets is not a zero-sum game - only if both sides are happy with the deal we can create a Win-Win Situation & a long relationship

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Stop wasting your time on MARKETING and things you don't like. 

Cash-out & move on to your next exciting project!

If you’re reading this right now, it means you have the rare opportunity of CASHING-OUT your app and focusing on the things you really like to do - creating and DEVELOPING new exciting apps! 


Get the rewards from your hard work 
& do what you 
Truly Love to do -
more apps!


How much is your

APP worth?

Find out now!

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Working On Products
Used By Millions

Total Worldwide


Average daily downloads worldwide according to Sensor Tower (estimate) 

Our 30+ apps have been downloaded tens of millions of times,

and on a daily basis are discovered by hundreds of thousands of new users. Time to take on the world’s mobile giants!





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BlueThrone's Portfolio

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Zoom Inc.



WhatsApp Inc.

Monthly Active Users

We have an international footprint, but the English-speaking markets are our stronghold, with 65% of our active user base located in US, UK, Canada, and Australia.










Latine America


Middle East


Monthly active users by geography

Total User Reviews

We put an extreme focus on quality and on creating the best products in the world for each category we compete in. The love-filled reviews our users write every day are the greatest motivation of all.


Overall average rating

Much better than the other top rated scanner

by Hellene Bramsom 🇺🇸  for QR Scanner

I needed a good QR scanner for my iPhone so I decided to download this and another QR scanner with a better rating. I tried the app with a better rating and when I scanner the barcode on the package that my new iPhone protection screen came in it told me that the item was a green Xbox! Then, I used this app to scan the barcode and it told me it was an iPhone protective screen cover. THAT PROVES THAT THIS APP IS BETTER!!!

by Lushedness 🇺🇸  for Lust Puzzle

Fun Experience

The leveling, quests, even gathering of things is fun and enjoyable. As a woman playing this app, I’m not bothered the maiden system (I get to have children!). I’m a huge fan of daily logins and pretty art which this app has. I recommend!

The best!

by hawaiigeko 🇺🇸  for Storm Tracker

I actually have several weather apps but this is my go to when I compare the others against each other. I have family everywhere and after seeing myself the conditions and how spot on this one is I deleted a few. You won’t go wrong with this one

I love it!

by Bahnshs 🇺🇸  for iThemes

I just downloaded this app an d I already love it, it make my homescreen like so good I would recommend you to download it NOW!


How much is your

APP worth?

Find out now!

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Changing the world
one app at a time...

70% of developers contact us again

after buying their first app

צילום מסך 2021-09-29 ב-20.36.53.png
Lust Puzzle

Selling our app was the fastest and easiest step to hire another developer and grow our team for our next app. Thank you, Bluethrone!

צילום מסך 2021-09-13 ב-21.25.45.png
Weather Radar

Most of all, with BlueThrone the process was fair and fast.

I recommend it to speed up your growth.

צילום מסך 2021-09-13 ב-21.25.30.png
Qr-Code Creator & Scanner 2021

I wanted to own my software lab. Instead of waiting two years,

I sold the apps and opened my lab.

צילום מסך 2021-09-13 ב-21.25.36.png
iThemes  - App icon Changer

Instead of developing another app, I spent 90% of my time on CS, maintenance, and monetizing. Sold the app to Bluethrone and moved on.


Exit Calls with

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Exit Calls with

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Exit Calls with

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Exit Calls with

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How much is your

APP worth?

Find out now!

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